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·Spider material of rotex is industrial plastic or Pu. It has many excellencies, such as shock attenuation, wear-resisting and convenient for assembly. Its working temperature is from -20℃ to 80℃ ·Can be exchanged with shaft coupling ROTEX from West Germany. ·Bigger concave of spider’s claw can reduce surface pressure on the teeth of involute, the teeth won’t be worn or out of shape by even heavy pressure. ·The claw type shaft coupling of the European standard, the claw type surface is designed for the curved surface. ·The axle material is a powder alloy irom, casting iron, nodular cast iron, steel or aluminium alloy. ·The elastomer gathers the amine fat material, have 4 kinds of different hardness at your choice(80A,92A,98A,64D),There is different torsion separately, among them 92A is a standard type. ·Have good antivibration performance. ·Defend the oil, dustproof, sand control, performance such as being dampproof. ·Different hardness of the elastomer can be distinguished with the different colors to distinguish. ·Use and design invalidly safely. ·There are many kinds of shaft hole associations. ·There are keyways to bind, the spline, the single trough by lock, the toper rubs much ways of locking etc. ·The midddle extending type, the middle shirking type, standard shirking type, such various kinds of change forms as flange type, standard shirking type, such various kinds of change forms as flange type.etc are available. ·Can customize according to customer’s demand. ·Apply to such many kinds of occasions as the machinery, water conservancy project machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery in common use, etc. Extensively

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