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Snake elastic coupling a kind of metal elastic rigidity coupling with advanced structure, composed by 2 half-coupling, 2 half-outer casing housing , 2seal rings and snake springs. ·Operating principle and useful life Snake springs are embedded on axial into 2 half-coupling’s a lveolus, so that connection between drive and driven shaft comes true. The axial power from drive end working on tooth flanks drive the driven end, so torque can be transferred, at the same time, resonance phenomenon avoided on large degree. At the same time , the machinery system can get well vibration reduction by elastic deformation of springs when torque is being transferred; vibration reduction can reach to 36% on average. Snake springs are manufactured by high grade spring steel from strike machining and dealing with. It has well mechanical behavior. This kind coupling useful life is longer than other no-metal elastic part couplings. ·High transfer efficiency and safety starting Transfer efficiency can reach to 99.47%, it can safe function on 2 times normal torque at fast over loading. ·Simple structure, it is convenient for disassemble. Snake spring coupling composed by 2 to 4 parts, it is light with little parts and little volume. It is convenient for disassemble and revising than other coupling.

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